Rebel Squadrons

One Flight
FireClaw CO: MAJ Etain Valen Gaas
FireClaw 2: None
FireClaw 3: MGN Jairo Pantoja (LOA)
FireClaw 4: None
Two Flight
FireClaw 5: ADM Cyrel Vandroth
FireClaw 6: None
FireClaw 7: None
FireClaw 8: None
Three Flight
FireClaw 9: COM Kirghy Lommax
FireClaw 10: COM Lamin Zykara
FireClaw 11: ADM Licah Fox (LOA)
FireClaw 12: None
Training Flight
FireClaw 13: None
FireClaw 14: None
FireClaw 15: None
FireClaw 16: None

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8/18 Trivia quiz over, 8/21 Posted!
FA Michael Raven

New Code of Conduct and Reference Pages
COM Lamin Zykara

8/14 Trivia quiz over, 8/18 Trivia quiz up
ADM Sienn "The Rot" Sconn

8/11 Trivia Quiz over, 8/14 Trivia Quiz Up
ADM Sienn "The Rot" Sconn

8/7 Trivia Quiz Over, 8/11 Trivia Quiz Up
ADM Sienn "The Rot" Sconn