Rebel Squadrons

Rebel Squadrons

33 members

Commanding Officer: BGN Teu Veld
Executive Officer: VA Kirghy Lommax
Internet Officer: FA Joshua Hawkins

One Flight
Resurrection CO: LGN Eric Skrevski
Resurrection 2: None
Resurrection 3: ADM Lucas Benoit-Stark
Resurrection 4: FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Two Flight
Resurrection 5: MGN Markus Jarnhann
Resurrection 6: FA Michael Raven
Resurrection 7: FA Joshua Hawkins
Resurrection 8: FA Kaz Falcion
Three Flight
Resurrection 9: None
Resurrection 10: None
Resurrection 11: None
Resurrection 12: None
Diamond Squadron

Blue Flight
Diamond Squadron Bojangles 1 (CO): LCM Galen McGrath
Diamond Squadron Two: BGN Hermus Dogan
Diamond Squadron Three: MGN Mat Bizegar (AWOL)
Diamond Squadron Four: LCL Darth Gumbo
Red Flight
Diamond Squadron XO: MAJ Yaihi'l Beskar
Diamond Squadron Six: MAJ Domeno
Diamond Squadron Seven: VA Kirghy Lommax
Diamond Squadron Eight: LJG coolcolt57
Gold Flight
Diamond Squadron Nine: BGN Teu Veld
Diamond Squadron Ten: LJG Arexander Clevor (AWOL)
Diamond Squadron Eleven: FA Licah Fox
Diamond Squadron Twelve: None
Red Dagger Squadron
To The HILT!!!

Blade Flight
Red Dagger CO: MGN Kimiao Quinal
Red Dagger 2: BGN Naesa Draw
Red Dagger 3: LCL Koah
Red Dagger 4: LCL CrazyCarl
Guard Flight
Red Dagger 5: CPT Ralis Solin
Red Dagger 6: ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Red Dagger 7: MGN Nicolai Ginofev
Red Dagger 8: BGN Swifty Chapple
Hilt Flight
Red Dagger 9: BGN Rhuryc (AWOL)
Red Dagger 10: VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis (LOA)
Red Dagger 11: LJG BittyMERC (AWOL)
Red Dagger 12: CMDR Mia StormChaser (AWOL)
The Academy
Home to the new recruits

The Academy CO: VA Kirghy Lommax
The Academy 2: LJG Alec_McCast (AWOL)
The Academy XO: BGN Teu Veld
The Academy 4: CDT Persuer
The Academy 5: CDT Orlen
The Academy 6: ADM Cyrel Vandroth
The Academy 7: CDT Gavin Devearoux
The Academy 8: None
The Academy 9: None
The Academy 10: None
The Academy 11: None
The Academy 12: None
The Academy 13: None
The Academy 14: None
The Academy 15: None
The Academy 16: None
The Academy 17: None
The Academy 18: None
The Academy 19: None
The Academy 20: None
The Academy 21: None
The Academy 22: None
The Academy 23: None
The Academy 24: None
The Academy 25: None
The Academy 26: None
The Academy 27: None
The Academy 28: None
The Academy 29: None
The Academy 30: None
The Academy 31: VA Patrick Blastfire
The Academy 32: None
The Academy 33: None

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An Introdution from the Fleet Commander
BGN Teu Veld

New Fleet Commander Selected
VA Kirghy Lommax

New Task Forces, OO Needed
ADM Cyrel Vandroth

State of the Rebel Squadrons -- November 2016
VA Kirghy Lommax

State of the Rebel Squadrons -- September 2016
VA Kirghy Lommax