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#1724 (16) - Posted by CMDR Anubis
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<Kane_R> You know...I'm actually thinking...
<`Eric> WHAT?!?!?
<Nicolai> Thinking?
<Nicolai> Wtf

#1640 (8) - Posted by LCM Dismal Dupar
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<Nicolai> Goats have horns
<Randyish> Yes, they're very horny.

#1512 (6) - Posted by MGN Sea Messi
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[21:43:21] <NicolaiRS> Or is Randy just having flashbacks today?
[21:43:27] * Tenshi takes webcam and follows Kiera.
[21:43:51] <Mitsukai> heh, reminds me of when I first joined the ABG :-P
[21:43:59] * Kiera smiles at Sean
[21:44:04] <Mitsukai> All those seven years ago :-P
[21:44:06] <NicolaiRS> *cue flashback music*
[21:44:20] <Kiera> "I was young and horny ... and I got ass."
[21:44:23] <Kiera> :P
[21:44:36] <Mitsukai> She stole the words right out of my mouth. :-P
[21:44:42] <Kiera> "Now ... seven years later, I'm old and horny ... and I get ass."

#1829 () - Posted by FA Joshua Hawkins
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<Codyman> do the reports go on the front page anymore?
<BGN_Nicolai> not anymore, the old reporting system I guess doesnt support the new format
<BGN_Nicolai> so we don't use that one anymore, it's links instead in the ITOD announcement page
<Codyman> :-(
<Codyman> it was fun seeing front end activity
<Codyman> when it happened...
<BGN_Nicolai> yeah
<BGN_Nicolai> I dunno how that'll show up this time
<Codyman> so where does it show?
<BGN_Nicolai> I have no clue, wherever this system links to for the HC to see
<Codyman> lol
<Codyman> so site is completely useless

#1831 (1) - Posted by BGN Ray Djo
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<raydjo> wheres cody!?
<Skrevish> He went on a safari
* Codyman ( has joined #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL
<Skrevish> Oh look he has returned from his safari
<MGN_Nicolai> lol well played

#1833 () - Posted by LCM Galen McGrath
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<MGN_Nicolai> If I have to dumb it down any further, I might have to lobtomize myself with a ballpoint pen and then transfer to Red Squadron


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