Rebel Squadrons

XvT & XWA Platform Newsletter - May 5, 2012

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, May 05, 2012
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XvT & XWA Platform Newsletter
May 5, 2012

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
X-Wing Alliance
Previous Session Results
The Future
Call for Help

=== Preamble ===

Welcome to the first of the new monthly platform newsletters for XvT and XWA! The layout is subject to change as necessary, but this should work nicely. Anyone with suggestions or comments for the newsletter (or platforms) may feel free to contact me via the RS site's private message system or through e-mail. Addresses and links can be found on my profile page.

=== X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter ===

XvT 312 - due June 10, 2012

The XvT retro mission this month wraps up RS Tour 3 with the final showdown between the Republic Shield and the Imperial task force in the heavily defended T'Seran system.

RgF cruiser Ad Astra will directly engage ISD Vile - the Imperial command ship - while starfighters engage numerous defense platforms and TIEs. The T'Seran resistance has sent Star Destroyer Hades to support the attack.

You'll be flying a Y-Wing armed with a double load of heavy rockets - use them well. Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

Originally RgF 111.3, built by Wes Belden. This was the third part of a massive three-mission combat tour for a single session in February 2002. Top three pilots for the combined tour were as follows:

1. Xtremegene
2. Kirghy Lommax
3. Licah Fox

Full results and scores for the combined tour here.

Will any pilots today meet or beat any of their total scores? We'll find out in the next newsletter!

=== X-Wing Alliance ===

XWA 402 - due June 10, 2012

A reconnaissance sweep into the Elornia system to inspect an Imperial base is the XWA retro mission this month. With the Intrepid Battle Group newly arrived in the Subterrel Sector, efforts must be made to secure the surrounding systems for a new base to be constructed.

You'll be flying an A-Wing with no warheads this time around, with a single wingman to back you up.

Originally IBG 202, built by Wesley Rademaker. Flown in May/June 2002, the top three pilots were as follows:

1. LCL Daron Lochek
2. RA Himm El-Syna
3. LCL Jagged Drayson

Full results and scores here.

=== Previous Session Results ===

= XvT 311b =

We had six pilots flying this one, placement as follows:

1. ADM Licah Fox, FireClaw
2. MAJ InterlinkKnight, Gold
3. MAJ Hermus Dogan, Gold
4. LCM Jay Forerunner, Dagger
5. CPT Mia StormChaser, Dagger
6. LCM jelf boom, Red Dragon

Squadron standings and top pilot from each squad:

1. Gold --- MAJ InterlinkKnight
2. FireClaw --- ADM Licah Fox
3. Dagger --- LCM Jay Forerunner
4. Red Dragon --- LCM jelf boom

Full results here.

= XWA 401 =

Eleven pilots reported for this mission.

1. MAJ InterlinkKnight --- Gold
2. LCM Jay Forerunner --- Dagger
3. ADM Licah Fox --- FireClaw
4. MAJ Hermus Dogan --- Gold
5. LCM jelf boom --- Red Dragon
6. 1LT Ace Antilles --- Gold
7. 2LT Turkkin Hos --- Red Dragon
8. COL Adam Mieter --- Red Dragon
9. LCL Tá'Ré Djo --- Red
10. CPT Mia StormChaser --- Dagger
11. COL Naes Draw --- Dagger

Squadron standings and top pilot from each squad:

1. Gold --- MAJ InterlinkKnight
2. Red Dragon --- LCM jelf boom
3. Dagger --- LCM Jay Forerunner
4. FireClaw --- ADM Licah Fox
5. Red --- LCL Tá'Ré Djo

Full results here.

=== The Future ===

In the next session we should have brand new missions for both XvT and XWA ready to rumble, breaking the long string of retro missions. I'm setting the ambitious goal of a full year with no retro missions at all for XvT, aside from possible special activities. We'll see how it goes as the sessions roll on.

Unfortunately, I can't set that same goal for XWA without help. Building missions for it is more complex than with XvT and takes longer to do, not to mention test. With Richo busy with real life activities we can't have new missions for both platforms every month without someone burning out. This leads to the section below.

=== Call for Help ===

Anyone out there willing to help us build missions for either platform (XWA in particular) should shoot me an e-mail about your interest and include any missions you may have already created. Even if you lack experience, don't hesitate to respond; it's the interest that counts. Even a single new mission is helpful, giving XWA players something new to fly for a session.

AlliED, the XWA mission editor, has no set learning instructions that I've seen, but it can be learned with a little time and motivation - it's easier than you might expect! Having some skill with the editors for XvT or X-Wing is greatly helpful in learning AlliED, as the same author (Troy Dangerfield) built all three of them.

In addition to builders, more testers are needed to help look for bugs in missions for both platforms and test multiplayer functionality for XvT missions. InterlinkKnight has already stepped up to help in this regard, but we can always use more. Contact me if you're interested!

=== Closing ===

That wraps up the newsletter this time around. Missions have been posted in the usual place and are due June 10th. Fly fast and shoot straight!

MAJ Hermus Dogan
Assistant XvT & XWA Platform Coordinator


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