Rebel Squadrons

ABG Newsletter 11-21-2004

By MGN Sea Messi
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Nov 21, 2004
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Yes, it\'s overdue but I am writing it now. Welcome folks for another (and very late) ABG newsletter. Ready? Here we go!

1. Clone Wars Campaign
Major Michael \"GrayWolf\" Morone (Blasts) and I will be starting a Clone Wars era campaign. Official sim times for that group will be announced soon, but for the moment we will sim every Monday night at 4:30pm EST. Major Moron has been kind enough to give me a short description of the group for the newsletter, which is below:
With the Separatists threatening war on the Republic, the Republic Marines began training special units. Mostly comprised of veterans as leaders and with fresh troops from boot camp as the bulk of the teams, they prepare to have to hold of an attack until a Grand Republic Army can be formed. This unit is one of those that is being formed.

2. Jedi Campaign
I will be running a new Jedi campaign and I will be using the Jedi sim times of old, Sunday at 3:30pm EST, and Wednesday at 5pm EST. Other sim times shall be determined at later dates. The campaign will be open to Jedi and non-Jedi alike, but it will be very difficult. The first sim in the campaign will be held on Wednesday 11/24/04. Be there.

3. ABG Reorganization
I am going to be reorganizing several squads in the ABG, and changing leadership in many of them. Several Squad CO positions are being offered in this NL. I will first offer each position to a specific person, and if they refuse or are not interested then I will put the job up for open applications.

First, to Lieutenant Colonel Aidyn Wolfwood, I offer the position of Windu CO, which also serves as the unofficial Jedi Wing XO spot.
To Major Michael Morone, I offer the CO spot of Seikansha, which shall serve as the alternate timeline squad. The Clone Wars project shall be the first official Seikansha campaign should you accept.
To Lieutenant General Wes \"Gizmo\" Belden, I offer the position of Lancer CO (which he already holds, but I want to ensure he wants to keep). Lancer is the starfighter squad
Finally, I offered Rapier CO to Colonel Michael Raven, which he has accepted. Rapier is the NRI group, specializing in infiltration and recon.

4. GM School
I am restarting the ABG GM Academy, and Colonel Michael Raven shall be assisting me in doing so. If you are interested in learning toi become a GameMaster for the ABG, send applications to me before the end of the month.

5. ABG Academy Instructors
We need ABG Academy instructors. Talk to me if you\'re interested. We need to raise activity levels and we need recruits to do it.

6. Medals and Promotions
Time to award the medals and promotions. Some of these are long overdue recognations of work people have done.


First Lieutenant Vason Semnic, step forward please. For your activity and commital to the ABG in the time you have been here, I shall award you a promotion to Captain next Sunday. You deserve it.
Captain Kevin Pryde, step forward. For you long-standing loyalty to the ABG and high levels of activity as well as excellent GMing skills, I hereby promote you to Major. Oh, and change your primary fleet. You\'re not in the PBF. :-P
Major Robert E. Jensen, step forward. For you fanatic devotion to simming over the years, I feel it\'s high time we recognize you as the active ABG member you have been. I hereby promote you to Lieutenant Commander.
Lieutenant Commander Tethran Cotec, step forward. You have been a major player in this fleet, on and off, since Shan first brought you into our group. You are an excellent leader, simmer, GM, and friend. I hereby promote you to Commander.
Lieutenant Commander Triani Sovak, please step forward. For your activity in the ABG, I award you a long overdue promotion. I hereby promote you to Commander.
Lieutenant Colonel Renan Darilla, please step forward. You are an excellent simmer, and a great leader. This promotion is also overdue, but I hereby promote you to Colonel.
Lieutenant Colonel Toran Celd, step forward. You are responsible for large portions of our ABG library (the ones Kyle and myself didn\'t provide). You are also an excellent simmer. I hereby award you a long overdue promotion to Colonel.
Lieutenant Colonel Aidyn Wolfwood, please step forward. You may not have been the ABG\'s greatest leader, but you brought the wing back from the brink of destruction. You convinced me to come back to it, and you have helped me regain my confidence as a GM. That\'s why I say this proudly: I hereby promote you to Colonel.
Colonel Michael Raven, step forward please. Unfortunately, I can not promote you myself. However, for all you have given to the ABG as Wing CO, as a leader, as a GM, and as a simmer, I hereby recommend to the Redemption Fleet CO your immediate promotion to Brigadier General.
Colonel Zak Ciredik, step forward please. Once again, I cannot promote you myself. You have given a lot of time and energy to the ABG as one of it\'s Wing COs, as it\'s previous Wing SO, and as a leader. You have been a valuble asset to the group, and I hereby recommend to the Redemption Fleet CO your immediate promotion to Brigadier General.

7. Future Projects
I will list that in greater detail some other time, here\'s a quick list for now:
  • Roleplaying rules revision

  • D20 squad

  • Recruitment

Well, that is it for now. Keep an eye peeled for another newsletter at the end of the month. See you on IRC in our channel, #Allegience (damn Kyle for registering a typo). :-P


- Brigadier General Randy Starkiller


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