Rebel Squadrons

Medals For General Petr Tagge Margul

Symbol Name Fleet Category No. Held Reason
^|CCC|^ Cadrel Campaign Medal RS-Wide Campaign 1
MCM Minos Campaign Medal RS-Wide Campaign 1 Reason
^|BVM|^ Blerthmore Vigilant's Medal RS-Wide Campaign 1 Reason
]]]<(*)>[[[ New Republic Medal of Honor RS-Wide Combat 1
*†* Alliance Dagger RS-Wide Combat 5
^|VCC|^ Valiance Combat Citation RS-Wide Combat 11 Reason
~ODP~ Operational Development Pin RS-Wide Combat 1 Reason
|*| Combat Citation RS-Wide Combat 4
=*= Merit Commendation RS-Wide Commendation 2 Reason
<=*=> Retired Unit Commendation RS-Wide Retired 3 Reason
~*TOD*~ Tour of Duty Pin RS-Wide Retired 3 Reason
[<|=(V)=|>] PBF Medal of Victory for X-Wing PSG Combat 2
{[-PBFMoA-]} PBF Medal of Activity PSG Commendation 5 Reason
([<|=(PBF*MRM)=|>]) PBF Mission Report Medal PSG Commendation 2 Reason
-=-()-=- PBF Most Active Squadron PSG Commendation 1 Reason
~X@X~ X-Wing Academy Combat Tactics Medal: X-Wing PSG Graduation 1
~*|*-*|*~ Cadet with Honors, CD Academic System RSCD Graduation 1 Reason
<=((<^>))=> RgF Infinity Cluster RgF Combat 1
/[}$RgF${] RgF Medal of Valor RgF Combat 1
~*Ễ*~ IBG Endor Citation IBG Accomplishment 1
`~-¤-~` IBG Greoop Crescent IBG Accomplishment 4
-(§)- IBG Combat Patch IBG Combat 1
~|§|@|§|~ Master Cadet with Honors (TIE Fighter) Academy Graduation 1