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LCL Jay Forerunner

Still up and awake in the waning hours, Forerunner managed to slip back for the next mission in the batch. However, he was running out of time to go fly it, and to make matters worse, the sweep on his computer meant he was beginning from ground zero with installing the programs!

There was a bit of a panic at first, as the technicians buzzed around frantically trying to reinstall the programs into the simulator. In the meantime, Jay took his leave, discretely slipping out the back and heading back to his private quarters, taking a nap. He had the wildest dream, about this beautiful young woman who he has grown intimate with.

Unfortunately, that was ruined when the knock on his door abruptly interrupted his sleep. Two hours have passed, and the problems have been solved with the simulator. While Jay slopped along the hall, he passed by his mentor, who could sense the fluctuating emotional state in the young wannabe Jedi.

"I had this dream," Jay explained, "about me, and some girl, both of us naked, and both of us loving it." He again reminded that the Jedi do not love, and because of the growing need within Jay to nurture this sensation, he was progressively tearing away from what he once saw to fulfill. The junction was coming closer for him to make the ultimate decision as to where his destiny will turn, but he sighed in answer, "I don't think I can become a Jedi with a girlfriend, but that won't stop me from helping the Order." Heavy answered, "It's not about helping the Order that makes a Jedi. It's about resisting the temptations of the Dark Side, and significant partners create a liability, not to mention one of you will inevitably suffer the loss of the other."

Jay weakly boomed, "But I realize all that and I'm ready to deal with it when the time comes...Just, I hope that time isn't soon." He closed his eyes and hung his head, narrating, "I just wish I could have both."

"You shouldn't let this cloud your head. While planning for the future is good, the best place to be is in the Living Force - here." As Jay was about to keep going towards his routine mission, he got a thought that jerked him to life. He spun to face Heavy again and asked boldly, "Didn't Luke Skywalker find love with Mara Jade? Was Luke a Jedi then, or did she corrupt him?" Heavy gave pause, flipped open the holoweb, and looked up the story on that subject. After humming in thought, he calmly said, "I'll have to get back to you on that." Finally, Jay was able to part with his official teacher and go on to fly the mission.

The mission went smooth, even with the enemy bombers pelting torpedoes onto the frigate. The TIE Fighters were all too busy with his allies to worry about Jay himself. With this final success, he logged in the score and got out, glad he paid his dues. It was sort of fun, but right now, all he wanted to do was make his schoolwork magically disappear and finally continue to dream about hopes of a soulmate.

*(OOC: If I'm right, the event talked about was 19ABY; so if our "continuity" happens at or after then, the reference I use should hold weight.)*