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ITOD: Titan Harrassment

  • We've spotted a small Titan force that is damaged and trying to quietly limp away from the Lithra system, making them ideal targets for a hit-and-fade. . . unless of course. . . it's a trap! As such, we'll be sending small but concentrated firepower in the form a single flight of 4 B-wings. This should be enough to slag any damaged capital ships and then fight your way back out if resistance proves too strong. Download and place into your Xwingalliance/MISSIONS folder (backing up the original of course). In the in-game Simulator, play Battle 1 Mission 1 and it will launch you into this mission. 2 points for flying the mission, 2 points for completing it successfully, 2 points for flying with another RSer, 1 point per capital ship destroyed, and 2 points for a fictional write-up on the mission.
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Due Date: 31 Jul 2017


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