Rebel Squadrons
ITOD: Sons of Lithra - Battlefront

  • Briefing: Welcome to Republic Shield’s newest unit pilots. Maj. Carl’s Commandos have been causing havoc with an enemy communication uplink on Lithra and it’s our job to cover their extraction. Once the comm station has been destroyed the Commandos will commandeer an earmarked GR-75 Medium Transport and head for orbit; a small group of our X-Wings and A-Wings will escort the transport. The destruction of the uplink will have made a lot of noise on Lithra, so expect the local garrison to send TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors in pursuit of our transport.
  • Objective: Complete any mission co-op with another RS member. 2) Earn a star on all training missions. (Prove by receiving "All right, I'll give it a try" achievement). 3) Play every multiplayer game mode. (Prove by receiving "A New Hope" achievement).
  • Point Distribution: 1 Per Objective
  • Mission Reporter Link: Submit screenshots of each objective completed on the forum thread created for this objective ( ). Once you have submitted your screenshots and your activity report for the co-op mission, create an ITOD report here including links to both!
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Due Date: 29 Feb 2016


Rank Pilot Score Kills Squadron Outcome Difficulty Reported Extra [SS,PF,Narr] Comments
^^ 1. MGN Mat Bizegar 0 0 Wildcard Victory 6 Feb 2016 http://www.rebelsqua...
^^ 2. COL Teu Veld 0 0 The Academy Victory 6 Feb 2016 http://www.rebelsqua...
^^ 3. LCL Galen McGrath 0 0 Red Victory 19 Feb 2016 http://www.rebelsqua...

** - A historical report.
^^ - An official report pending approval.

Squadron Scoreboard
Official Reports Only

Rank Squadron Total Score Total Kills Reports Top Pilot Squadron Commander
1. Red 0 0 1 LCL Galen McGrath None
2. The Academy 0 0 1 COL Teu Veld None
3. Wildcard 0 0 1 MGN Mat Bizegar None