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ITOD: Windstorm's Lament - LGPCD

  • The loss of the Windstorm has indicated a growing need for improved cooperation between pilots in the RS. Command is very interested to see more efforts in improving said cooperation both within squadrons and as inter-squadron operations. As such, they are authorizing simulation and small flight-sized raids on Imperial holdings with handpicked units to bolster a spirit of cooperation.

    INSTRUCTIONS: Play a multiplayer mission on any Legacy platform (via GameRanger, Voobly, etc.). Submit a match with appropriate screenshots. Each player must link to the match via the ITOD mission in order to receive credit.

    POINT DISTRIBUTION: 3 points to each player as long as multiple RS players were involved in the same mission.
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Due Date: 31 Dec 2015


Rank Pilot Score Kills Squadron Outcome Difficulty Reported Extra [SS,PF,Narr] Comments
1. COL CrazyCarl 3,203 21 Dagger Victory Medium 12 Oct 2015 [ss] CrazyCarl and Jay Fo...
2. LCL Jay Forerunner 3,203 21 Dagger Victory Medium 12 Oct 2015 [ss] [narr] Flown with Carl. Tha...

** - A historical report.
^^ - An official report pending approval.

Squadron Scoreboard
Official Reports Only

Rank Squadron Total Score Total Kills Reports Top Pilot Squadron Commander
1. Dagger 6,406 42 2 LCL Jay Forerunner None