Rebel Squadrons
ITOD: Windstorm's Lament - FCD

  • Objective instructions: Report a game session or co-author fiction either with or against a member of a ‘rival’ Star Wars club (Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Emperor’s Hammer, etc). Report the activity with the generic reporter or fiction reporter, then include up to three links to said entry(s) for this ITOD mission report. Be sure to indicate who the other participant was, and what organization they belonged to. Note, the member of the other organization cannot ALSO be a member of the RS.

    1 Points for Challenging/Inviting another Star Wars Club member to activity! (Up to 3 points, each match must be with a different person)
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Due Date: 31 Dec 2015


Rank Pilot Score Kills Squadron Outcome Difficulty Reported Extra [SS,PF,Narr] Comments
^^ 1. FA Cyrel Vandroth 0 0 The Academy Victory 31 Oct 2015 http://www.rebelsqua...

** - A historical report.
^^ - An official report pending approval.

Squadron Scoreboard
Official Reports Only

Rank Squadron Total Score Total Kills Reports Top Pilot Squadron Commander
1. The Academy 0 0 1 FA Cyrel Vandroth None