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ITOD: XWA ATR Sim: Attack Imperial Outpost

  • All Republic Shield starfighter pilots must participate in simulated missions using the Gamma-class Assault Transport. In the event that transport pilots are unavailable, a starfighter pilot must be prepared to get these heavy assault craft into and back out of a combat zone. For those of you unfamiliar with these craft, they are somewhat slower than Y-Wings, significantly tougher, and bristling with armaments. The pilot(s) have forward-firing laser and ion cannons (two each) alongside a pair of warhead launchers. Adorning the dorsal, ventral, port, and starboard sides of the craft are laser turrets. These can be controlled by gunners, computer control, or slaved to a forward-firing position for the pilot(s) to use. Explore the full capability of this craft during the simulation. You may need to know it inside and out in the future.
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Due Date: 29 Jul 2012

Avg. Rating: 8.0 (4 Reviews)


Rank Pilot Score Kills Squadron Outcome Difficulty Reported Extra [SS,PF,Narr] Comments
1. BGN Richo 16,771 36 Dagger Victory Hard 26 Jul 2012 [ss] Finally finished it ...
2. BGN Hermus Dogan 12,810 39 Wildcard Victory Medium 26 Jul 2012 [ss] [narr] A little strategy go...
3. LCM InterlinkKnight 12,656 38 Wildcard Victory Medium 25 Jun 2012 [ss]
4. 1LT Jarik Nyine 9,238 21 Red Dragon Victory Easy 25 Jul 2012 [ss] Should try it again!
** 5. LCM Wayne77177 6,682 19 Red Dragon Victory Medium 23 Jul 2014 [ss] Historical: i accidentally inver...
6. MGN Adam Mieter 4,940 13 Red Dragon Victory Medium 29 Jul 2012 [ss]
7. ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran 3,831 6 Dagger Victory Easy 29 Jul 2012 [ss] fun flying ATRs
8. BGN Naesa Draw 2,563 7 Dagger Loss Medium 22 Jul 2012 [ss] [narr] This sim run... Just...
9. CMDR Mia StormChaser 454 12 Dagger Loss Easy 23 Jul 2012 [ss] [narr]
10. BGN Ray Djo 100 4 Red Loss Medium 10 Jul 2012 [ss] Hermus... you suck. ...

** - A historical report.
^^ - An official report pending approval.

Squadron Scoreboard
Official Reports Only

Rank Squadron Total Score Total Kills Reports Top Pilot Squadron Commander
1. Wildcard 25,466 77 2 BGN Hermus Dogan None
2. Dagger 23,619 61 4 BGN Richo None
3. Red Dragon 14,178 34 2 1LT Jarik Nyine None
4. Red 100 4 1 BGN Ray Djo None