Rebel Squadrons
ITOD: XWA 413: Hunting the Hunters (IBG 304)

  • The Intrepid Battle Group team dispatched to Rolias has found itself hampered at every turn by a group of Rolian Fanatics determined that their race should die with their sun. Before the refuge convoy can complete its trek, the Fanatics must be dealt with. Draco and Nightwolf Squadron will go ahead of the convoy with our entire force of Gunships. We expect the Rolian Fanatics to attack our main force. When the attack comes, our convoy and fleet will flee. At least, that's what it will look like. The convoy and fleet will hyperspace to your coordinates, a couple dozen klicks away. When the Rolians attempt to follow our vectors, they should end up between the convoy and you. If they refuse to surrender when surrounded, you must eliminate their forces. Our capital ships will protect the convoy.
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Due Date: 30 Sep 2014

Avg. Rating: 8.0 (1 Review)


Rank Pilot Score Kills Squadron Outcome Difficulty Reported Extra [SS,PF,Narr] Comments
1. LCM Wayne77177 8,920 20 Red Dragon Victory Hard 24 Sep 2014 [ss] fun mission; but for...
2. LCM Ralis Solin 6,299 7 Dagger Victory Medium 17 Sep 2014 [ss] Lots of missiles! Ahhhh!
3. BGN CrazyCarl 6,299 6 Dagger Victory Medium 15 Sep 2014 [ss] Missiles anybody? Th...

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Squadron Scoreboard
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Rank Squadron Total Score Total Kills Reports Top Pilot Squadron Commander
1. Dagger 12,598 13 2 BGN CrazyCarl None
2. Red Dragon 8,920 20 1 LCM Wayne77177 None